So after reading week 8 I have realised there is substantial benefit in learning how to navigate and use Google Forms. A have never known this (and may be a little embarrassed to admit it) but you can create surveys and quizzes from Google Forms to use in assessment and basically anything. This link has many useful ways that Google Forms can be used that I am going to keep handy for the future. For example:

  1. Have students conduct experiment in classroom and one member goes to teacher’s computer to enter data for that group
  2. Have students create surveys using Google forms and display on own computer; students travel from machine to machine to fill out the survey
  3. Email the form to participants to collect data (can embed the form in the email); must know all members email addresses
  4. Email the form by using a distribution list from your contacts (very easy if using Google Apps since all domain names are the same)
  5. Share the URL of the published form; consider using a URL shortener for easy access like:, or 
  6. Embed the form in a Google Site, wiki, blog or website.

There is also this blog post that demonstrates a very creative way of using Google Forms in a Physical Education setting.